About us
About us

AgriGate Media Ltd. is one of the leading media companies in the field of agriculture in Europe.

On the market since 2003, we have gained the trust of our clients and parthers in many  Eurpoean contries,  because of our professionalism and stability in the high quality of offered services; the company is also constantly developing, according to the changes in the dynamic field of agricultural business.

The vast media package of services in the company's portfolio guaranteed adequate decisions for the needs of our clients, meanwhile created new advertisement formats which to this day serve as an example for everyone in the sector.

In the company are working young specialists from a vast spectrum of fields, with excellent knowledge in the sphere of agricultural economics, farming, means of development in rural areas, also the newest innovations in the fields of information technologies and marketing.


Our mission

Our mission is to show the general public that the agricultural sector contributes significantly to the European economy and following the natural process of globalization we aim to give independence to every farmer, to make them successful and united in the common agricultural market.

We believe that the agricultural business and the different economical and social activities in the rural areas of Europe would guarantee public economic stability, as they help for one balanced distribution of the local population, which will increase the income of those, living in rural areas, and the investments there; it will reduce the unemployment and the overburdening of big city centers, it also will protect many traditional and spiritual values from the villages.

In addition to the trust of our clients, we also won the trust of our users with the quality and variety of the information services provided by our media. Through them they manage to communicate, exchange experience and at the same time, to learn about the most important things in the field of agriculture.

Some pictures of our team :